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In a centruries old Quinta, set in the foot of a valley, facing steep heaily wooded 100 mtr high hills which breath "Abundance" at you. Eden awaits.

The sound of water repleninshing and energising this piece of paradise reaches your ears as you alight. Eden awaits

As you navigate the ancient corners of the old buildings of the whitewashed village, that symbolise dirty oil is out of place here as of creating energy. Eden awaits.

Your own energy increases the minute you connect to the boundary track, an anticipation and eagerness knowing something really special is enfolding.Eden awaits.

Your senses heighten rapidly absorbing the unfolding scenery at the beauty, this planet creates, freely, making your heart soar..Step 1 .. Covered. Eden await.

Orchards of figs, pomegranites, apples and satsumas entwinned with vines that produce 7 different types of grapes, weighed so heavy with clusters of dark jewels of healthy antioxidants calling to your immune system on every level.Eden Awaits.

There really is only one way to describe this Sanctuary of Empowerment and that is your way. Come and see what you become after a journey of self sustainability on every level.

You are the creators of this heaven on earth, heaven is earth when we live in harmony with it. Eden demonstrates the abundance and support our planet provides. Combining that knowledge that you as a being of energy, experiencing "human" right now are connected to creating this reality and learning how you can all create this reality, individually, and as a whole. For the highest ratio of the benefit of all particiants possible. Through taking responsibility back for self x 7 billion beings all taking responsibility for themselves, one by beautiful one. 

Starting with you and you and beautiful you.

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The Whole Package
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