Emotional Well Being:  Total Recall

The next step along the path of self re-discovery comes with this program

As previously explained dis association from victim state mind set produces positive action. You reconnect with who you truly are and have been and armed with new tools installed in various states of brainwave frequency your future is projected, directed and created by you consciously... becoming consciously competent at the creator of your reality is powerful. You cease to feel helpless, hopeless and without direction.

Lisa Nolson holds Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification. NLP practitioner and Psychology level 4 as well as Molecular Science Degree and Life Between Life facilitation certification. (Regression)

"Once someone realises they are eternal energy projecting a human physicality fear is left behind as a memory that served its purpose that drove you to the point were you emailed /phoned The Whole Package and brought you to a new understanding of your true truth. When this  perspective is re discovered old negative behaviour patterns can be dealt with feelings create thoughts create action so if someone is feeling stressed or out of their depth they may undertake negative self talk which they supress with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or become reliant on prescription drugs handing over their responsibility for their well being to someone or something else compounding the feeling of helpless ness and so the down ward spiral spins....

By addressing the significant event that triggers such thought processes in an alternative state of consciousness a new understanding of why can become apparent.

For those who fear too strongly Hypnosis due to the press it has had we can use NLP and Psychology to re address the triggers.

Once we have remembered our true power, the very fact we chose to have these experiences for our growth as energetic frequency we then introduce you to Universal Source Energy to educate your self healing, you become self reliant in a way you had forgotten existed....."

And there we move through the next vibrational frequency on this magnificent journey to Metaphysical Science-uality, where Quantum Physics meets Spirituality through Reiki and Gamma Brainwave Frequency Healing...