Working Together with Community Trusts in the UK we have established a Trust which offers benefits and access to resources and information as well as The Blue Zone Products to those involved in supporting their communities. 
Energy Exchange Programs ~ Come and stay on one of the sites and become involved, learning skill sets for sustaining soils, complete 360 permaculture workshops, bee management and insect sustaining programs. Protection programs to prevent deforestation and species protection. See "Save the Evdilos Sheep !" Campaign click the logo below. 

Younger Longer Me, a label you can Trust. 
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The Winery and the organic farm used as a responsible tourist unit, at Pigi established by George and Eleni Karamalis demonstrates what is possible when permaculture replaces agriculture. 

The site is run on around 60 to 80 % free energy created from the solar and the water recycling systems that George, his extensive knowledge in many areas including engineering, has installed and utilises the weather changes to reduce his overall impact on the environment at every possibility. The chickens are used to fertilise the vines that are then lovingly crafted into the most subliminal organic and original wine with a finish that would have you think it was anything except handmade. The smooth texture is due to the ancient knowledge imparted onto George through the ancestral chain using a natural filtration process that gives such a blend.

There are opportunities to join the community here to enable the sustaining of the various projects, such as the extension of the breeding programs to prevent the extinction of the Evdilos Sheep which, is at the verge of extinction. 

The protection from further deforestation due to over grazing from goats is also being established by creating a trade route for the Feta Cheese production instead of being made reliant on EU grants and subsidies that cause more harm in the long term that any 50Euros a year per head could compare to. 

Volunteers, contributors and trust trade exchange partners can benefit from hands on experience across a many varied itinerary from agroforestry, animal husbandry, using animals for a long term objective as oppose to just eating them. This offers education and raised awareness and a change in perspective. All volunteers of 5 hours a day will be accommodated as part of the family, with food and transport as and when is needed. 

Please email us for more information on how you can get involved whether its for a couple of weeks or a few months or more. 


Nestled in the furthest Easterly point on the Greek Borders bursting forth from the crystal blue Aegean Sea, erupted the breath taking Island of Ikaria. 

Said to be the place where Icarus fell from the sky into the sea and created this wonderful example of how, left to her own powers to create abundance, Mother Earth, Gaia, Universal Source Energy, demonstrates the wealth of abundance that was meant for all inhabitants of this plane to benefit from. 

The Island is created on a bedrock of Crystal and radiates powerful energy into everything. The food is felt to nourish you, the wine is the life blood running through the communities veins, supporting its stewards and protectors as they support the land. 

The people are as abundant in their warmth and welcome as the trees are bent double with the weight of their produce. Avocado, Oranges, Lemons, Sharon Fruits, Strawberry Trees, Pomegranate's falling off and hitting you on the head, desperately waiting for the people to come back to nature and allow her to support them. 

Here the people enjoy a lifestyle second to none. They all support their families and communities in a way that means there is zero need for crime and only a small demand for external intervention via healthcare and pharmaceuticals. It is of upmost importance that this is preserved and extended to facilitate the rest of us relearning the practises that come so naturally to these inhabitants of self sustainability and self determination. 

The effects of the "economic crisis" have less effects on society when there is less dependence upon an external operational system. This is a true example of responsible stewarding and all our UK stewards of the land will benefit greatly from having a connection here in some shape or form.

The objective is to support the Island while we trade our information and knowledge collectively we can support one another more freely. 

This helps through our asset transfer exchange structure which means the communities back home get what they need while the communities here in Ikaria get their needs met. Whether that is in manpower through you coming and staying in one of the properties or in one of the caravans made available through this structure and learning hands on experience, or whether it is a holiday of responsible travel and meditation with organic origin food grown from ancient seeds, lovingly prepared by Eleni Karamalis, accommodated in the beautifully restored winery at Pigi, or whether it is coming over at harvest time to learn how the golden elixir, the Extra Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil pressed within 14 hours of harvesting and getting hands on and dirty and or working on your energetic awareness with one of the Whole Package workshops involving Gamma Brainwave Frequenting, Pineal Gland Activation using ancient caves for sensory deprivation. There is a therapy centre called The Egg where Yoga, Pilates, Creative Writing and Acupressure Massage is facilitated. So it doesn't really matter, as long as your vibrating to self awareness and creating more abundance than destruction then whatever it is your needs are, they can be met here.

Stockist and Trade Opportunities.

Non profit organisation built on trust.

All products are with Blue Zone Status. 

One question we have here is ..

"Would the people of Ikaria give this product to their 105 year old Great, Great Grandmother ? " 

If the answers yes then we label it with love and entrust it unto you, to use at will and with positive intent to help create a structure that benefits all instead of a small few at the cost of many. 

Bringing the cost of healthy sustainability down for all those involved. 

Please email ikariaselfsustaining@gmail.com for more information and visit 

www.ikariaisland.webs.com for further information 

and www.ikarianwine.gr

Silence of the Evdilos Lambs.

The Evdilos Sheep is on the red list for extinction. It is in need of immediate and direct action to preserve and conserve the bloodline. George Karamelis has offered a site within his estate which requires renovating and slight restoration to be given over for the use of creating a Base Farm Breeding Site to ensure that this indigenous sheep survive its current plight of a situation due to mismanagement and the free reign of the livestock across the Island causing damage environmentally and also to the species themselves. It is really important that we act now on behalf of the Evils Sheep there are only 20 to 30 females left in the entire species and only 2 male. The adult male is around 60kg and adult female around 47kg. They are white with a shortish head in relation to its humped shaped rump and with a fat, hock length tail. We will be establishing a breeding programme using four sites and preserving the bloodline for future generations while practising and demonstrating animal management with environmental issues hand in hand with economic and animal rights as a holistic practise. Taking responsibility for what we have created through our unconsciousness and creating a solution to allow for change which has longevity. 

It is of great importance that the Island of Longevity sustains all its inhabitants. Not just some at the cost of another. 

A crowd funding campaign will be launched in the new year allowing for those who wish to come to the beautiful Island and assist the sheep to be able to do so directly or for others to send contributions to ensure this is achieved as quickly as possible.