The Free Energy

Energise and Empowerment Holiday's, Workshops and Seminars PLUS 

 "Wedding / Commitment" Packages

Ikaria Island


The purpose of these projects are to facilitate you demonstrating to yourselves how easy it is to be self sustaining.

Not just how to grow food, nurture your soil and learn about partner planting or foraging or basic survival skills but how you sustain your self with your mind and belief mechanisms giving yourself an extensive range of awareness which leads to a happier more balanced lifestyle, helping you deal with the circumstances life creates here more efficiently and effectively. Freeing your Human Energy on all levels

Combining knowledge and activity know how on all levels, from the physical to the unseen The Whole Package workshops and seminar holidays are bespoke and tailor made depending on your individual requirements.

Whatever it is you feel your life is lacking in there is a solution waiting for you, setting yourself free from an enslaved mind starts with giving yourself space to breathe.... Once your in that tranquil state of mind that the energy of this amazing island brings and your de stressed you have a chance to recollect your thoughts and create a position from which to move forward through life. The workshops and excursions are designed to enhance all that you are and to remove limiting beliefs.

  •  Debt Relief Workshops set in a relaxing environment Learn the IMF system inside out and learn how to extrapolate yourself from it
  • Greek Language Courses, learn the vibration of the original language and comprehend our Latin Babble clearer.
  • Organic Food
  •  Permaculture Courses
  •  Gamma Brainwave Technique Training Seminars
  •  Kundalini Yoga
  •  Ikarian Cookery
  •  Vineyard Excursions
  • Horse Riding
  • Chemtrail busting Excursions
  • Crystal Cave Exploration
  • Sensory Deprivation for Pineal Gland Activation Caves
  • Camping under the Milky Way
  • Foraging for Food and Herbs
  • Herbalism Courses
  • Fishing
  • Relaxation and Hypnotherapy and Meditation
  • Weddings, Events and Commitment Ceremonies  including Professional Photography and Videos. Conducted in a variety of backdrops including an ancient granite stone table hundreds of feet above the water surrounded by caves mountains and water.

Its about remembering all those un used talents you may have forgotten how to practice and allowing your true capabilities to be experienced.

Accommodation Packages to suit all budgets.

We can supply Farmhouse Accommodation within the famous Wineries of the Island  or you can come camping in one of the fully equipped caravans. There is standard apartment accommodation and remote shepherds cottages for you to enjoy, as well as high standard hotels and rooms.

Prices start from 200 euros a week  per person and the workshops and excursions can then be selected according to your personal requirements.

The Whole Package Wedding Packages are bespoke and created with your full input ensuring all requirements are met.

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