Physical Layer

The forefront of our experience on this dense 3 dimensional plane is the manifestation of our physicalities

The effects you can see from the Before and After Pictures are achieved in only 10 minutes the muscles are stimulated with a frequency and this stimulates the muscles, collagen and elastin production in the basal layer ( the nursery layer of the where the cells are made) The facial treatments speed up your cell renewal cycle which prevents contamination from the outer five layers inwardly from free radicals and pollution, this causes new cells to be the ones sitting on the epidermis forming a protective, strong and healthy layer of cells. The outcome state is you  look like you of course but a fresher younger more opened face version.

Over time muscles become thin and short this causes the tissue to hang and sag, by building mass under the skin the surface becomes tighter smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin.

What's more important is that you start to feel better about yourself this helps with your confidence and the chemicals released in your body are those of seratonin and dopamine ...Happy chemicals...lifting your spirit and your perspective of yourself...

If you don't take care of yourself how can you take care of anyone else effectively ?!

Also to counteract the sensitive areas around the eyes and neck we use the collagen transference which momentarily changes the structure of the collagen and has it sit onto the epidermis like poly filla smoothing out crows lines without the need for botox or fillers

Also Rehabilitation treatment, Back Stress and Sciatic, Arthritic, Lymphodema, this amazing hardware reactivates your body to do what it used to do...

Prices from £25 per treatment


PHYSICAL: Look Good Feel Good. Feel Amazing Look Amazing

Take 10 minutes 10 Pads and 10 years off

Client Before

After 10 x 10 minute facial treatments

Flabby Arse to Fabularse Program.

When we feel less than happy about how we look we can resort to comfort eating that aggravates the situation compounding our misery for all to see in our body armour that we wear. The wonderful thing about this is the cycle is easily broken. 

Our FLABBY ARSE TO FABULARSE program builds muscle, muscle eats fat and your mass is reduced by a dress size a month. The fat that is eaten is disposed and broken down metabolically more rapidly and you urinate the fat out. Lymphatic stimulation is incorporated here to help remove toxins and you feel like you've been tuned up much like a car being serviced would do.

For those that have had weight loss and want to tone we use a different frequency to sculpt the muscle and fill the skin, again in 28 days the effect is astounding and long lasting all treatments only need a maintenance session once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Cellulite is a product of poor circulation + fatty deposits + toxins which causes the connective layer of the tissue under the skin to become damaged and unconnected...this causes the bobble effect known as orange peel effect. 

By stimulating the circulation, breaking down the deposits of fat and draining away the toxin this allows the damaged connective tissue to be able to reconnect. It also gives us an opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself, liking yourself on the outside leads you to feel better on the inside....And vice versa.