There is only one frequency in the universe.. Love. Fear and all other emotions come from here..Fearing not having love, being loved, losing love and so forth.

The highest vibrational frequency a human emits is joy. here we take you through the last step of becoming aligned with Universal Source energy and how you really do create your reality. Here we teach you how your thoughts have a frequency and when a thought is thought often enough it becomes a belief, a belief has enough of a frequency to attract matter and that quite simply is how we make matter into matter....We are the Universe having a human. experience, experiencing itself through itself. We cover sacred geometry subjects raising awareness of the universal Law of Attraction and how when we state what we don't want the fact we are focussed on what it is we do NOT want brings exactly that into our reality. This helps us to cement all that has been discovered with the other programs.

Firstly we introduce you to Reiki which is how to become aware of the energy that flows through you and everyone and everything around you. We then explain Fibonacci sequence and other scientific phenomena that has been omitted from National Curriculum teachings and then we bring in Gamma Brainwave Frequency Technique to guide you into how to move through the transistions to Unconsciously Competent..

By aligning heart and head the flow of chi or energy or other cosmic or scientific names for the same thing helps to restore you on every level from that frequency you are tuned into the blockages that our physical emotional and mental settings dictate whether that energy flows freely or becomes blocked. When it becomes blocked in one area it effects you on a cellular and tissue level creating bodily illness ...the very word disease means to be dis at ease, which effects the flow to your other energy points throughout your body,